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Speed Post Charges

With the launch of the scheme 'One India, One Rate' People can send speed post at INR 35 (Previous Rate 25, Rates revised on Octomber 1, 2012. With new rate INR 35) for all destinations across India, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.  User can send Local Speed Post upto 50 grams at INR 15 + taxes.

Local Speed Post at INR 15
'One India One Rate' Speed Post at INR  35

Below are the Speed Post rates (Effective 1st Oct 2012)

WeightLocal       Upto 200KM201 to 1000 KM1001 to 2000 KMAbove 2000 KM
Upto 50 GramsRs 15Rs 35Rs 35Rs 35Rs 35
51 to 200 GramsRs 25Rs 35Rs 40Rs 60Rs 70
201 to 500 GramsRs 30Rs 50Rs 60Rs 80 Rs 90
Additional 1/2kg part thereofRs 10Rs 15Rs 30Rs 40Rs 50

Charges shows in above table are without taxes.  Taxes are applicable as per the govt rules.

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The user of speed post can track speed post status using online tracking system or by sending SMS.

Speed Post Delivery Time

Speed Post - The high speed postal service is known for fast delivery of consingnment (Letter, document, Parcel) across the india & around the Globe. Speed Post offer the money-back guarntee, under which speed post fee will be refunded if the consignment is not delivered within the published delivery norm.

Generally people ask about the time frame of consingnment delivery through speed post.

If the congsignment are posted through speed is local (Within the Muncipal city limit) or between Metro cities then it will take 2 days and for rest of the india it will take 4 to 6 days time frame. The prograss of Speed Posted item can be track using online speed post tracking system or via SMS.

Delivery of Speed Post articles & First class mail 
i.e,  letters, postcards, etc.
Local and between Metro Cities2 days
Rest of India4-6 days
International EMS articles (Exclusive of time taken in customs examination.)4-10 days

Local -  Within the Muncipal city limit

Metro - Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru

The time frame applicable with Excludes day of posting, holidays & Sundays and also  Articles posted before cut off time.

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Online Speed Post Tracking System

India Post provides the facality of "Online Tracking" for various services like Speed Post, International EMS Electronic, Registered Mail, Electronic Money Order, Electronic Value Payable Parcel (eVPP) and Express Parcel to its user.

Through this online tracking system user can access tracking information and confirm the delivery of Speed Post/ item by using the tracking number assigned to during the  time of Booking.

speed post tracking

Check Tracking through Online System HERE.

Speed Post Tracking Through SMS:

Using SMS, User can track speed post and eMO. Speed post tracking through SMS involved the stpes

1) Send SMS to 55352 in the following format:

For Speed Post:
SP<space>Speed Post number
EMS<space>Speed Post number

For eMO:
MO<space>eMO PNR No
EMO<space>eMO PNR No

2) 'IN' at the end of Speed Post number need not be given. Eg. if the Speed Post number is EE678954312in; you need to send the message as: SP EE678954312

User can contact to speed post customer care if they face any problem in tracking the consignment.

Speed Post Customer Care

Speed Post Service also provides the facality to customer care for any problem relating to Speed Post delivery or Speed Post tracking, User can contact to customer care  or helpline through  Phone based on the location of Speed Post Centre. Customer can use the given contact information for any complain related to Speed Post service.


If Customers face any problems related to consignment delivery or tracking, they can call on helpline numbers and also send email to their respective center.

For other speed post center click here. For more details contact your near about post office.

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